Born and raised in Fremont ,Ohio, it was pretty clear, with having naturally talented artists on both sides of the family, that he was destined to pursue some kind of art career.

As years went by, drawing and painting portraits of KISS, Iron Maiden's mascot 'EDDIE', comic and movie villains on every surface imagineable, including school, work and public restrooms all over town, he took a job working for the Whirlpool corporation in production and manufacturing. During that time he tried his hands in tattooing and although seemed to be a perfect outlet for his artwork it just wasn't really hitting home for him. Ohio just wasn't fulfilling his artistic needs and opportunities.

So in 1995 ,with the support of family and friends, he followed a high school friend, Ken Howey of RELICS CREATIVE WORKS, out to the southwestern hotbed of artist in Arizona . Within a few weeks he started working for Hal Loo at his shop, MURAL LAB, and watched him create his magic with an airbrush and he was immediatly hooked. From there he went to work for TITAN MOTORCYCLE at their onsite paint shop and there he worked under the wing of MIKE LEARN and the doors gushed open with ideas and creativity and new techniques.

He also worked for DEANOS CUSTOM PAINTING and SPRAY KATS of SWIFT MOTORCYCLE and met and worked with some of the most talented people he could ever ask to meet and work with and compiled some of the best airbrush experience any artist could dream of. Between all these ventures he got to be part of high profile type projects involving corporations, celebrities and pro sport figures adding a type of experience that is hard to come by.

Now graduating from the school of hard knocks, 2007 proves to be his biggest venture as he starts to branch on his own. With wife Raedel, as living inspiration and literal backbone at his side, he can now focus his attention to detail and a diligent work ethic to totally commit to creating great quality artwork.

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